Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Promise Me

I thought of you again today, wherever you may be
I know you're out there in the world, and I know you're meant for me
Though I don't know when we'll meet, (to me you are just a prayer)
I pray you're walking close to God, and that He'll keep you in His care

Promise me forever, forever and a day
I promise I will wait for you, oh will you wait for me?
So many people come to this with only pieces
I promise I'll stay true to you, in everything that I do, Forever...

So many things uncertain, so shaky is the world
But I am standing safety, sheltered in His hand
I know His timing's perfect, and I know His will is true
And so I'm growing as I wait, as He's preparing me for you.

Nebblett Family - Promise Me

(Adek is feeling zupahexcited!)

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