Saturday, December 26, 2015

Absurd Satnight

Tahu Tidur, Dec 26th. 9.03 pm
It's hard. Very hard.
But the life must go on.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Malang Trip

Can I continue with this one? :D

I went to Malang last month for Missionary Camp Meeting. I'd like to write some testimonies and good news I got there but first, let me post the photos since later on I don't have quota for pictures. LOL


Feels like centuries of postless. Lol.
Hello, everyone! How are you doing?
Too excited to tell you all what I've been doing I can't decide where to start. Yes, that was my common problem that usually ended by writing nothing. HAHA.

And by the way, I currently had problems with my phone and my notebook. I can't connect to wifi using my phone, and sometimes the mobile network didn't work too. And my notebook, something wrong with her keyboard. Sometimes some keys just didn't work. Just like ths. Its not typo, t's y keyboard. Sad. Ineed a new one.

But let it go. I'll get a new one someday. Maybe God wants me to have more patience using this notebook. Yes, patience. PATIENCE. *inhale, exhale*

First, let me show you my current workspace. Yes, messy workspace. Tadaaaa..

My dad made me this long table. At first, he made longer table on two sides of my wall and it looked more like Rumah Makan Padang Sari Bundo Kabino-bino. Oh my.. Feels bad asking him to rebuild it and here it isssss... My room instead of Rumah Makan Sari Bundo now looked like Photo Copy Center with my Binding Machine and Paper Trimmer there. HAHAHAHA...

And look at my walls, full of invoice sheets, receipts, and I-forget-what-else papers. YES, now I'm officially online shop sellers! Lalala yeyeye..... Mari sisss happy shopping... Oh I'd like to tell you more about it later. Yes, remind me yes.. HAHAHA..

I'm enjoying my new job as a freelance designer, aka parttimedesigner. But sadly, I got busy lately so I don't have time to cook, or even wash my clothes (I do laundry every two weeks!) :( I often forgot to eat but wondering why I still gain much.

But I really really into my current job. I can date with my Adobe Illustrators for hours and did not move from my chair. Yes, it became a new bad habit and I'm struggle with this. It reminded me of a verse, Revelation 12:17, polemos. Yes, I should do this better. Managing time, build a new good habit, pray more, bible study more, smile more, exercise more, and sooooo many more things to do. Gambatte!