Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm in Love with GoPro Hero 3+

Last week I had a chance to go around the Capital City, Jekardah! And what's happier? I got a chance to play with this gorgeous cam of a friend of mine. Thanks bang Cana for letting me to have a date with your GoPro Hero 3+! Though I'm not a good photographer, this GoPro help my picture much from looking so who-is-so-drunk-taking-this picture? Yes, yes whatever, I enjoy clicking my (temporary) GoPro and helped by my (temporary) IPad. Thanks kak Hay! Mwah.. Mwah..

Please allow my face to be the first picture and don't stare at this too long. Just continue to the next pict. Yes.

I captured without looking at the IPad anyway

Hello, Mister. Are you alone? Why'd be alone if we can be together? #tsaaaaah

Please ignore those big holes on my nose

I came here just because no one's here so I can capture shameless Wahahaha..
Pardon my bad finger :(

Captureception. Pictures in Pictures in Pictures in.. STAHP!

This is it!
And after you read this post, please join me in #koinUntukAdekBeliGoPro. lol

Anyway, pictures above taken at Kota Tua, exclude the last two are taken at Pacific Place, Jakarta. Oh yes I'm #anakgauljekarda for a while. Please stop me from playing thishashtag on blogspot. #pleasehelp

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