Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm in Love with GoPro Hero 3+

Last week I had a chance to go around the Capital City, Jekardah! And what's happier? I got a chance to play with this gorgeous cam of a friend of mine. Thanks bang Cana for letting me to have a date with your GoPro Hero 3+! Though I'm not a good photographer, this GoPro help my picture much from looking so who-is-so-drunk-taking-this picture? Yes, yes whatever, I enjoy clicking my (temporary) GoPro and helped by my (temporary) IPad. Thanks kak Hay! Mwah.. Mwah..

Please allow my face to be the first picture and don't stare at this too long. Just continue to the next pict. Yes.

I captured without looking at the IPad anyway

Hello, Mister. Are you alone? Why'd be alone if we can be together? #tsaaaaah

Please ignore those big holes on my nose

I came here just because no one's here so I can capture shameless Wahahaha..
Pardon my bad finger :(

Captureception. Pictures in Pictures in Pictures in.. STAHP!

This is it!
And after you read this post, please join me in #koinUntukAdekBeliGoPro. lol

Anyway, pictures above taken at Kota Tua, exclude the last two are taken at Pacific Place, Jakarta. Oh yes I'm #anakgauljekarda for a while. Please stop me from playing thishashtag on blogspot. #pleasehelp

Going to the Next Level of Life

Among all the long to do list that has to get done, I chose to write this. Great decision Dek. Thank you, thank you.. :') *facepalm

But yes, how I miss writing (curhat-ing, red)! After all of those hectic, tearing, and desperating moments, I can finally say, IT IS FINISHED! Well, at least one step has been passed. Yes, I finally finished my college thingy! All the subjects, registration things, tuitions, tasks, exams, proposal seminar, and finally (oh yes I repeated word 'finally' often).. DEFENSES! All are done! Surprise? It surprised me more!

My only participants on defense :))

It surprised me much! You won't believe if I say that this was miracle, yes MIRACLE! Few weeks ago, just few days before my defense schedule published, I was thinking about how would I pay my next semester tuition? How would I explain to my mom and dad about this potponement (again)? Aaand how would I live one more semester to respond all the "are you graduated already?" questions? And until this morning, for few mornings, every time I got up , I still can believe that I don't have to worry about it all, like it bothered me before. I pinched my hands, literally, to make sure if this was not a dream. Yes, this is real.

Just few weeks ago, when I was trying to register my name for defense schedule, I had to face the reality that 8 of my subject's grades wasn't exist. Of course without all my grades completed I can't register myself to get the defense schedule. Then I asked the secretariat for the way out, so she told me to call all the lecturers and ask the if the still have my grades on their database. Praise God I still have that chance! But the problem iiiis, I only have 2 days for registering and one of them is Sabbath, which sure I can't do this on that day. So actually I only have that Friday to get all of those things done, which is almost impossible. Then I contact all the lecturer numbers that I had, and do everything I can before it's Sabbath day. "God, give me strength and show me Your miracle as You did before," I prayed. 

"You can do it again tomorrow," the secreatariat suggested me. 
"No, I can't. Tomorrow I should be at church," I said.
"You can skip that one, just for a day. Your future depends on this, right? Just come again tomorrow."
"I can't." I replied and smile. 

It's 5.30pm. The office was empty. 3 lecturers replied my texts and calls. "God, it's Sabbath day and I don't want to dissapoint You. Thy will be done, please strengthen me." again, I prayed.

Next Monday, I decided to go to campus. Hoping for a little chance for a huge miracle. 5 lecturers replied me so far. I came to see the Chairman of my department. And you know what, the defense schedule has been published and it started on that Monday. Yes, I am late. But I don't care, I'll do everything I could do. Fyi, I always avoid to meet him (the chairman) because of many things. Somehow I feel like he hates me, but that day, I just don't care. I come to see him, asking for the extra time to get all my grades. With his unhappy face, after grumbling, he told me to get all of those subject's grades, then come again and see if they can give me a chance to go in defense. Interdeminancy. But I think there's a possibility! So I continue to follow up the lecturers, and one of them is retired. But thank God I found his number, I call him, he told me to come to his house because tomorrow he'll be in Jakarta. Thank God I found his home, and fyi, his subject was taken 5 years ago so I'm not sure he still had my grade. And it's true. So we talked, and talked about the lecture he teached before and once again, thank God it's Religion Subject so I can answer all his questions. He gave me B which I remember he used to give me A before. But it's okay. I don't care bout my grades anyway. All I concern is just to get into the defense and get out of my campus.

Once again, I was being tested with Sabbath. One more lecturer can't give me my grade, unless I finished the task ke asked, which is a report for my Job Training. He asked me to finished it in two days, which that day was Friday and the next day is, yes Sabbath. So it means that I should finish it on that day, and it was 1pm. Quite impossible as I finished one in few months before. "God, I know this is quite impossible, but again, Thy will be done, and please give me strength," I prayed again. Then I go to McDonalds, where I can use the electricity and do that quite impossible thing. I typed, I copied, I pasted, I browsed and, voila! It all done at 4.30pm. But I have to print it out and one more problem is coming. I only have idr 20.000 in my pocket. This won't be enough if I cover it with mika. So I ask my lecturer if I should cover it with mika or not. HE didn't reply me. While I was printing, I pray. And when it comes to pay, it has not covered yet, it was idr 15.000. Still 5000 left, right how I needed to get home. Then my lecturer answered my text that I don't need to cover it with mika. HALLELUJAH!

Next Monday, I came again. It was the second week of defenses. I'm nervous. It's so much late, can I register for the defense? And my lecture not yet giving me the grade and can only be met on 12pm. And when I met him again, he told me that I had to revise some parts of my report. Oh kay. 

The next day, I come again, and still he didn't give my grade. My calls and texts was unanswered. "God, please strengthen me whatever will be," again I prayed. I waited until the office empty for days. On Wednesday, that morning I came again, asking if the lecturer had given my grade to the secretariat. The answer is still no. Hopelessly I left campus and went to my friend's house and try to calm myself down. Everything will be alright. Everything will be alright, I said to myself. Again, at 12pm I went back to campus and ask the same question to the secretariat. Surprisingly, the answer is YES! Then he checked my form for the completed grades, I copied this, I copied that, and wait for the defense commitee. I met him, and gave all the requirements. Another request, I ask him, "Sir, may I ask to not getting my defense on Saturday? I can't do this on Sabbath." And he replied, "You, having problem on Saturday again? I don't know, let's see if we can make it. Just try to contact miss T." Even if it's an uncertain answer, I'm glad that he responded me like that, not as he responded me before, "Don't be radical, just come or fail."

I went home, it was 11am. At 4pm a friend of mine BBMed me told me that the newest schedule has been published and my name was there! I get the schedule on FRIDAY! The next 2 days! FRIDAY! Not SATURDAY! How can I thank God more? How can I? How? How? I jumped, yes I jumped. And here I am now, Adhe Fitriana Simbolon, S.I.Kom. Oh how I wish I can tell you guys every detail of it, to let you see how God loves me soooooo much by His every miracle.

Convo with Secreatariat D-1 Graduation

My G-day - Happy Graduation, Me!

The graduatuon ceremony was on Sabbath day, 2 days ago. Sure I wasnot there! This miracles are too much for me to go there. I graduated myself a day before everyone. Isn't it cool?